Summer Festival Demo - Known bug and issues

Tactical Myzzrym
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Tactical Adventures Dev
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3 weeks ago

Hey there folks,

Here is a list of known bugs and issues for this summer Demo:

  • Hector is sometimes missing in the final cutscene (gosh darn Hector, probably wandered off to get a drink)
  • Sacred Flame and Burning Hands don't work on Oil Puddles (Firebolt should still do the trick)
  • Casting Feather Fall may sometimes cause a long delay
  • Character may be stuck in "climbing" animation if the combat starts while they are on a ladder
  • The Greataxe is not aligned with the character when wielding it
  • Trap Detection "Red Area" may sometimes remain after trap is triggered
  • Female clothing sometimes clip into their back
  • Characters sometimes loop the "Run" animation while not moving.
  • Clicking too quickly too many times sometimes display a "No Path to Destination" Error message
  • Pathfinding Ghost sometimes doesn't appear when changing hovered tile
  • Door from Orc Camp can be opened without all party member being gathered in front of it
  • Half Plate Armor isn't displayed upon being equipped on shorter race
  • On the same not, Dwarven Half Plate Armor isn't displayed upon being equipped on taller race
  • Long / Short rest cannot be triggered if one of the characters is defeated
  • Character may remain stuck if the bridge trap falls on them
  • Rhuad is sometimes missing from the menu screen (where did he go???)
  • Character may remain stuck after activating the Scroll of Fireball
  • Rogues have hoods in Character Creation, preventing hairstyle choice

Also, if you encounter any of these issues, please tell us how it happened (with screenshots if possible):

  • Character remains stuck after being hit by a falling boulder trap
  • Graphical corruption can occur during combat or cutscenes (please send us your PC specs)
João Bento
Level 4
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3 weeks ago

Sacred Flame not working on oil doesn't feel like a bug - it's a RADIANT, not fire. It doesn't set things alight.

Level 1
3 weeks ago

Agreed on the sacred flame thing. By 5e RAW, it can't set stuff on fire like firebolt or burning hands do.

3 weeks ago

Could we also add a hairless head style to the character builder? Most character builders have it. Thanks. 

Demo looks great. Are you working on Ray Tracing capabilities in the future? 

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3 weeks ago

"Graphical corruption can occur during combat or cutscenes (please send us your PC specs) "

I have massive ones during combat and cutscenes, like we're talking rave and/or disco balls. 


AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 3.59 Ghz

NVidia GeForce GTX 1660

3 weeks ago

I should have taken a screenshot, but the fireball scroll sphere did not place accurately. I could select the spiders on the wall and the cursor selected the spider just fine, but the sphere was located on the floor. So, it was difficult to determine if I was going to hit the spiders or my party. I took a chance based on the highlighted cells where the spiders were vs. the highlighted sphere and its location.

Another issue I had, was the closeups. When my cleric cast a healing spell, it zoomed in on her casting the spell to another party member, but then after it remained blurry for about 10 secs. So, it was difficult to see where you were walking or just had to wait until the blurriness dissipated.

I love the verticality. It is great. But, when you are on level 1, level 3 continues to block vision. Since there is a form of an isometric view, even scrolling using the mouse middle wheel still did not become transparent enough to see anything. Sure there was a single cell spotlight view of one square, but I couldn't select any tiles on the floor where I was located. In some cases, it accidentally selected the top floor or level 3 instead of where I wanted to go on level 1. Maybe if you are on a level, lose one level above or below depending on where you are at or at least provide some indication of what floor you're wanting to move. I have moved up and down a level by accident. 

The notification said to view the spider nest on the map. But, I wasn't fast enough and the notification disappeared and I couldn't find the location or the map anywhere. I clicked on the compass but I couldn't access the map. So, maybe have an option to keep the notifications up a little longer or another way to see the location it was asking me to find if that was the intention. Otherwise, I just followed the linear path to the end location.

I just finished the demo and it was great. I love where this is going. 

Level 1
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3 weeks ago

I definitely noticed a lot of the artifacts/strobing lights glitches this time. It was during normal exploration more than combat or cutscenes though. My computer specs are MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus motherboard, AMD Ryzen 7 3700x CPU, and NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 Ventus 6G OC GPU.

2 weeks ago

Had the same issues with:

  1. seeing where to go in multi-level areas 
  2. not being quick enough to click on the map.

had issues with being able to move the view to apprapriate heights on some occasions to see all the spiders on the wall. this also caused issues with placing the fireball (also had similar to the fireball on wall issue the sphere mentioned above).


2 weeks ago

Just to let you know :

Character may remain stuck if the bridge trap falls on them

I was able to "fix" it by pressing tab to switch characters. This somehow updated all the characters states and they started falling again.