Suggestions after completing EA

1 week ago (edited)

1. We need more faces and in particular cute-faced dwarven females. People like my wife (and she's not alone based on some of the other posts I've seen) like to play dwarven females and my wife didn't like any of the faces. Granted, dwarven females aren't supposed to be, by D&D and typical fantasy tradition, the most attractive females to humans, so don't get me wrong. The faces you went with definitely work well in staying true to traditional dwarven females. So please don't go getting rid of the faces you already have. I think the faces and hair choices you've provided are really good. I especially like the aging feature. We just need more choices.

1 week ago

2. Same with voices, but I'm sure you already know that. That's gotta be one of the most expensive and time consuming elements of any video game, though. You have to pay voice actors to come in and read off every script there is in the game. Players, I think, probably don't think too much about that when they complain about not having a lot of voice options or when they say, "This part isn't voice acted. What the heck!."

1 week ago

3. We need more replay-ability. It looks like you're already working on that, though, based on the latest news you posted. I like the idea that certain quests are only available based on background choices and maybe even personality choices. That's good. Right now, the game is a bit too linear with little in the way of diversity. Let me be quick to add, though, that I realize we're only in EA, so this isn't really a criticism. It's just more of an encouragement that we need more of what it sounds like you're already doing.

1 week ago

4. Along with point 3 is the need for more dialogue options. I'd like to see multiple choices, if it is possible, for each character based on their personality. Having different consequences for each choice would also add some seriously good replay-ability to the game. An example of what I mean is, while you are talking to Lord Karyn, my chaotic evil greedy halfling mage might have several dialogue choices such as, "What's in it for us?" and "Will there be any killing involved?" to which Lord Karyn might give her a wide-eyed, sideways look indicating he is quite alarmed with her response, whichever one you choose. A better example might be an encounter on the road while traveling to some location. You can either A) help fight off the band of goblins who are attempting to raid a merchant caravan or B) you can kill the goblins and the merchants and steal everything for yourself.

1 week ago

5. This goes along with my next suggestion for random encounters while traveling. I'd like to see some additional random encounters that go along with what you've already put in place. The log says I encounter a sage on the road and discuss history or politics. I'd like to see encounters like this actually played out. Give me some dialogue options to actually discuss things with the sage...or if I'm evil I can just kill him because he's annoying the crap out of me. Or a scenario like the merchant caravan on the road getting attacked.

Another idea I had involved the "You find an ancient tree that has survived the Cataclysm" travel log item. Why not have it so that we visit the ancient tree in game, or have the option to, and have something happen like the tree is really an Ent and it tries to kill us, or it needs our help, or something like that. Things like that would really enhance this game, I think and provide players more choices to be good or evil

1 week ago

6. Item management is a bit harsh. I suggested this in a different post, but I'll put it here as well. Maybe we could have the ability to undo an inventory action. For example, if I switch to my melee weapon(s) and then realize that I can't reach my enemies so I need to use my ranged, maybe since I didn't attack with the melee weapon(s) I could switch back to my ranged. If I already used my melee, mind you, I wouldn't be able to switch back to my ranged. Likewise, if I equip an item to the Use Item slot, if I can't use it maybe I could switch it out for a different item that I can use. That way, if I accidentally equip an item in the Use Item slot that I didn't realize I couldn't use, I don't waste a turn. This came up because my paladin couldn't use scrolls (which is a glitch, and I know it's being fixed). I tried equipping a Cure Wounds scroll only to realize that he couldn't use it. I had a potion. I could have used that instead, but because I used my inventory action to equip the scroll I couldn't use the potion to Heal Other. The character died the next turn before anyone else could heal them, and it was Game Over. That was quite frustrating.

1 week ago

7. Looting the fallen. This kinda goes along with inventory management. I had just given my ranger a potion because she had more health than my paladin. Next turn, the ranger was cut down and 0'd. She had the last potion. It was Game Over for me because I couldn't have any of my other 3 characters run over to her and loot the potion off of her body, and they all kept failing the Medicine check. In another instance, I struggled through a battle and when it was over the enemy had dropped a potion. If I had been able to loot the body I could have had another potion to help with the fight. So my suggestion would be to allow a character to loot a body for 1 item per turn. I select the fallen body and it pulls up the items that body is carrying and I'm able to select one.

1 week ago

8. My biggest suggestion has to do with something I already suggested in a different post as well, but I thought I'd include it here as well because I think it would HUGELY enhance the gameplay. If you do nothing else that I've suggested, please at least do this one.

Can we please not have Game Over if a character dies? Instead, why not have the ability to add and remove characters you've created into a game already in progress. This would be just like in a typical D&D experience. If a player character dies or a player really doesn't like their character, the player creates a new character and they join the party and the adventure continues. You could even have the new character at Level 1. That might make it more challenging for players to keep going after original party members die.

You could make it so that a long rest is needed for a new character to join the party and that until then the old character just remains in the party menu (whether they are dead or they are just adventuring with you until you can get rid of them because you don't like them anymore). The dead person could even appear as a ghost if you need to continue to have four party members for computer coding purposes. They just sort of float around with the other party members and are unable to do anything or have any dialogue options, as if they are paralyzed or something.

You could even have a dialogue sequence where the new party member approaches the camp or the party at one of the inns and says, "Clear skies, my friends. Sorry to disturb you. I'm in need of some work. Do you need another party member?" or if you chose a more evil personality you might have the new character say, "Greetings, friend(s)," in a sinister way. Then, "I was just wondering if you might be hunting for treasure or ancient artifacts? I could really use some of both. You seem to be short a party member (or two or three). Would you be interested in a partnership of sorts?"

I had four reasons for this idea. The first was that it's a fun idea, I think. The second is that we created a female dwarf in our first playthrough and made her too nice. She was boring and dull and we really didn't like her. We liked all the other characters in the party, but she was so boring and useless (couldn't hit the broad side of a barn) that we had to start all over from the beginning just because we couldn't stand her.

The third was that during one of the biggest fights in the game, I managed to beat the enemies in multiple attempts, but because 1 character died each time I had to restart the battle over and over and over and over and over again, like a dozen times. One time, my rogue died permanently on the same turn my ranger (who could raise dead with a special item) stopped being frightened. On that same turn, I killed the last enemy. It was just a turn too late to stop the Game Over. I had a paladin and a ranger in the party, but the paladin can't use scrolls to revivify or raise dead (again, a glitch that I know is being worked on) and the ranger kept failing savings throws and was running around like a scared little girl (and she was the only one with the item that could raise dead). So it was very frustrating. I would have rather axed the rogue who kept dying than to have to restart the fight over and over again.

And number four. Axing a dead character but continuing the adventure is more immersive and realistic. The adventure doesn't end just because you lose a companion. You keep going until you've completed the quest. That way, by the end of the game, if everyone but one character is dead, it adds a bit more drama to the game. The one character survived where all the others died. He/she may have succeeded in the quest, but it was with great, personal loss.

You could even have a menu screen with a list of all of the party's fallen comrades. Brogan the dwarf died on Day 4 of the adventure fighting a group of orcs in the Badlands. Kayla the halfling bit the big one fighting undead in the Wizard's Tower, etc. etc. This would be something like how X-Com 1 and 2 have a memorial area where you can review all of the fallen.

Anyway, that's the last suggestion I have. I hope you read it and consider all of them. It really is a good game and I enjoyed it a lot. I can't wait for more. GG Tactical Adventures. Keep up the good work. :)