Level 3
11 months ago

Let me start by saying, I am really enjoying this game! I haven’t done a lot in single-player, yet. I’ve only been playing multiplayer with my brother. Aside from the de sync issues (there’s something really wrong with the Swamp), which I think has been brought up enough that I don’t need to say anything here, we had a couple suggestions for Quality of Life that seemed easy enough to add:

1. I think this is the number one thing I would change since it slows the game down a lot and would give me something to do while everyone else is taking their turn. Please, please, let me access my character sheet, inventory and spell list when it’s not my turn. I don’t even need to be able to effect anything. Sometimes turns can take a long time and I want to be preparing for my turn and also having something to do instead of just waiting for someone to pick a spell or move. I think this would be hugely beneficial to the game. Just to see what is available to me or give me a chance to read my spells, abilities, even just get a reminder on my proficiencies.

2. More hot keys. Maybe add something for quick spells. If I use the same cantrip every turn, or pushing the Attack button when I have a melee & ranged weapon (Javelin) instead of clicking my target and being spotted as I run up to them instead of throwing it. I would love to just push F to attack or T to cast guidance before I try to pick a lock,

7 months ago (edited)

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