(SUGGESTION] Feature In Game - "Create Custom Class"

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2 years ago (edited)

Hey there
Just a suggestion about a feature to allow players - in game - to create custom classes.

In a special "Classes Maker" menu
- Where we could open a panel - with races to select.
- Then general settings as the dungeon maker does (name author picture description etc..)
- Then the pick up of feat/spells (only those already in game) for each level.
- Gods / icons
- Story
- Finally : Publish on workshop

 I know this is some more work but it would be very "user friendly" and maybe not so difficult to implement as all option would be these already in game.. Would be very cool <3

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2 years ago

They sort of adressed a major problem with this idea when they responded to questions about multiclassing in their stream a while back; the system wasn't designed with it in mind, so making different abilities work together will be a lot of work. Even if they could fix up a system quickly, the QA testing would take a lot of time and possibly require significant changes to the code to make sure abilities work together properly.

I also think that if they are going to go down that route, I'd rather they begin by implementing Multiclassing. Playing a Ranger/Rogue would be a lot of fun. 

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