STUCK - Mind of the Master Quest bug

3 months ago

The quest is bugged and I can't move forward with the main storyline. 

The quest log just shows ``find another fragment of the gem" even though I completed the whole quest ( defeated the cube, defeated the master / green dragon) and I have been teleported back outside the shed at the starting area. The quest however does not progress and is stopping me from completing the rest of the campaign

Unfortunately I have no saves before entering the shed with the only save near the beginning so I am stuck...

Has anyone found or ran into something similar?

3 months ago


Sorry to hear that you are having such troubles.

Do you have by chance at least a save nearby the issue ? If so, could you please send us your save at ?

You can find them in the folder  C:\Users\...\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta

It would help us identify if anything might have occurred specifically in your run that might cause this issue (we are not getting it on our side with a regular run).

Thank you for your time! 

Level 4
3 months ago (edited)

I have similar but different bug.  The orange tiles don't trigger, which means I can't rotate the platforms to get to either of the chests. The tiles themselves depress when stepped on, and I get the cutscene when you step on the first, but nothing happens when all four characters are standing on the four tiles - platform doesn't rotate.  You can't fly to the chests.  I can move straight to the cube and exit this area as normal, without rotating the platform.  Playing with UB and six players, worked pre-PoI with normal CotM playthrough and four players