Stuck in game, any help would be appreciated

2 years ago (edited)

I am not sure whether it's a bug, the end of early access, or me just not clever enough :D

I don't know how to go further in the game. I am stucked in the undead catle, passed the vampire lady, at the level with the circle on the ground where you have to light all the symbols.

I managed to light all the arrows and the stair symbols, only 3 similar small symbols are not lighted yet. Any clue how to light them ?

Is there any thing to do with the mirrors ?

There is a crate up near a looked door, but I can't activate it, even with a levitate spell that brings me close to it. Do I absolutely need a flight spell to go further ?

Somewhere else at the same level, I can see an usually activable item on the wall (the one with a lighted purple circle) but the game does not show the "activate" symbol when i mouse over it. There are some stones at the bottom of it. Is that a bug ?

I tried to light all torches, stepped a character on every activable ground stone ... but nothing happened.

What did I missed ?

Level 2
2 years ago (edited)

one is hissen under a box there all really close to each other

Level 6
2 years ago

There is a book with directions to lighting the arrows. You have to do it in a certain order.

2 years ago

The books didn't helped, in fact there was another access I didn't found initially. I climbed over pillars near a wall and i could reach after a few jumps another room, after pushing a crate.

Thanks for your help anyway.