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Ok.  I know this might not go over well, but I have played through the game now several times with multiple people in a sort of hot seat way.  Though at first I thought the story was well done, I have since reconsider my overall opinion.  The game is fun, but me and those I played it with think that the story could use a bit of improvement.  See comments for suggestions.  Beware of spoilers.

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1. Crown bearer is too much like Ring bearer in LOTR.  They even act a bit like Gollum at certain points.  "My Precious!"

I'm not sure, of course, what the crown does or even if it is good or bad, but it just seems a bit too similar to Silmarilian/LOTR, like they were blended together.

So maybe the crown has an influence of some kind, but not "No.  It's mine.  I don't want to sell it."  Right there, in thinking we should toss the crown bearer into Mount Doom quick before it's too late for Solasta.

What about a mage in the party identifies it and discovers its power to raise dead?  "You have to wear it to gain the power.  This is remarkable.  It seems so good and wonderful."  

Then later, "Why are you still wearing it?"

"It just makes me feel good.  I...i find I don't want to remove it.  I feel so peaceful with it on."

"Well, I haven't been feeling well, actually,"says another member.  "I've been more tired."

Something like that...and don't call them crown bearer so people don't immediately think LOTR.

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2. Why did they put it on?  Most would take it and stuff it in a bag until they got it identified to see if it was cursed. 

So maybe a cutscene is needed showing them all lusting over it, or something, to explain why they take it and wear it, like the crown is calling to them to put it on.

Also, to determine who takes it and wears it, shouldn't saving throws be made?  The lowest roller takes the crown.

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3. Why doesn't the council believe the heroes?  Seems odd that there have been over 20 reports of Sorr-Akath and the heroes bring back survivors and the Captain also reports it, and the council demands a head.  Just doesn't make sense, but no one seems to think so in the game.  No one even says something like, "The council seem strange to you?  That one guy demanding proof seems awfully sus to me.  It's also sus that no one said otherwise.  I mean, major issue here, an outpost gone just days away, and they want proof?  Why?  A blasted outpost isn't enough to warrant action?  They need proof?"

I think it would make more sense to just have the council send them to them sight because of reports that there is some strange activity at the sight.  They want the deputies to check it out.  If they come across more Soraks, they should do what they can to bring back a whole body for further study.  "We need to know more about our enemies."

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4. Why would the council leave the crown with the adventurers, trusting them even though they were just deputized and the council knows little about them?  I mean, one playthrough I created a chaotic evil halfling Mage.  Seems kinda foolish to trust this strange magic crown of obvious immense power to her.  I don't care if she's attuned to it.  Seems foolish to let her go find more gems to increase its power and make her even more powerful.  I'm planning on making her Sauron reborn, and nobody is even thinking that might happen.


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5. I think it would be much more fun to have maybe some of the council are secretly after them while others are trying to help them and the player must figure out who is friend or foe.

Either way, it would make more sense to have the council send the heroes on the quest to get the gems but to start with an escort.  Then have the escort attacked and killed as mysterious assassins ambush them mid-journey.  Someone on the council sent the assassins to try to get the crown, but the heroes escape.  Something like that would make more sense.

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6. I wasn't fully sure what was the real story at Bone Keep.  There's some mage guy and a vampiress and another mage lady.  The two ladies are rivals.  That is clear.

The mage guy has shut himself away, though, but why?  What were they doing?  Why did the mage hand over the gem?  Why is no one really concerned about leaving the mage guy to whatever crazy magic he's doing up there?  Why did he have the gem to begin with?  

And what's with the wolf guy?  What even was he?  Why were they letting him live there?  Seemed like a werewolf, but he never turned into one.  Why does he look like Daliat?  Is there a connection?  How does the entire Bone Keep play into the overall plot?  Did I miss books explaining these things?

It just wasn't real clear.  I found myself asking why I was there again, and so did the others I played with.

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7. The lady with memory loss.  The party just sort of helps her just because they found her in a mausoleum.  Just because that's what heroes do?  

My cynical, greedy, chaotic evil halfling mage wouldn't care 2 twits about helping her restore her memories.  Yeah, maybe she might feel like she needed to in order to get the gem, but I thought it odd that the lady expected them to escort her and they didn't even have much dialogue around the motivation behind them helping her.  

The good cleric might say, "We must help.  It is our duty," while the evil mage might say, "How much are you willing to offer us, My Lady?" Said with an evil grin and sinister tone.

I just found myself again wondering why my heroes were putting up with her attitude.  Even a few more dialogues scenes would have helped.  "I feel that the crown is urging me to help her for some reason.  I think she will lead us to a gem or something."

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Of all these, 2-5 are probably the biggest.  I really think 5 would add a whole lot more drama to the story.

Anyway, it is a good game, and you guys are doing very well.  Though this seems like I'm tearing the game apart, in really like it a lot and think in many ways it is better than BG3.  I just think a few tweaks to story would make it even better.

Thanks for your time.  I know this was long.

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6. a) My understanding is there is lore to gather inside about the crown and other lore. but it is vague and you find some books that insinuate things (the party talks about it), but I admit it is not super clear in my mind what I was doing there to be honest (other than grab the gem, but its relevance is also vague in my mind). 

6. b) As for the "wolf guy", pretty certain it is an unfinished quest.  I kept wondering about him... why did the old crazy mage let him live there, so close...

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1. Sure but that's baked into D&D.  The very idea of artifacts were stolen from Tolkien and Moorcock.  (Hand and eye of Vecna = hand and eye of Corwin / blackrazor = stormbringer) I like it.

2. Yeah, the cutscene could be clearer.  In my mind I thought my toon felt compelled.  Would be nice to have someone ask "why did you put it on"?

3. Little railroady, you're right.

4. Because it was clear that the PC had bonded with the artifact and might even die if separated from it.  Yes, this could be clearer in the waking up scene but that's the impression I got.

6. If you kill the mage guy / Master of Necromancy and read his journal it tells you what he is and why he is hiding out.  I don't know how use spoiler tags so I won't say but to put the puzzle pieces together you need to note the language that the journal is written in and reflect on the conversation at the end of EA content.

7. Good suggestion on using the crown to advance the story :)