Starting the game from Steam displays an empty window

8 months ago (edited)

I've just recently taken the time to download and install your demo from the Steam Marketplace. After downloading and installing it about three hours ago, I was unable to see anything after clicking the "play" button from the steamapp. I've checked my display settings (in the registry) and attempted to modify them, I've reinstalled the application, I've ran a registry cleaner for the application, and performed a reboot (not necessarily in that order). Looking to get some help with starting the application so I can play the demo. Shoutout to Discord @Keran for the documents/TacticalAdventures xml file to check. Specs for my pc below.

Intel i7 2.6GHz


Win10 (x64)

Nvidia GTX-980M

Thanks for all the help!

8 months ago

Update: Dropped screen resolution down to 800x680 and I am able to load into the game.

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8 months ago

Glad to know it worked!