Spring Update - Some bugs and feedback

Glen Douglas
Level 4
2 years ago (edited)

Hiya folks,

really appreciated the update and added content.  Also love the idea of the dungeon creator !  i can see that having a lot of scope and use going forward - already i can see some user created dungeons on Nexus !

a few things came up from my play through so thought i would put the info down here :

1) Scrolls of Mistystep - I found two through playing and they show up as "misty step" when hovering over them.  However the icon looks like magic weapon / spiritual weapon.  also when trying to cast them that's what they act like

2) Somehow I lost my spell book - or it bugged out and disappeared.  There is nowhere to buy them.  Also might be better that this (as a key item) is somehow locked ?

3) Mistystep doesn't seem to quite work as intended (or how i believe it should).  should be able to Jump to any see-able square within range

4) when levelling up as a wizard and picking new spells, if you don't have a spell book it obviously doesn't get added to the spell book - happened and had to reload as somehow my spell book was in a different characters inventory

5) there is a "container" in water i think at the trimaran ruins which cant be accessed

6) when "flying" (via the spell) you cant seem to pick to go up or down preventing the ability to interact with moveable objects for example when they are higher up

7) Counterspell - I had this memorized and was in range of an enemy spellcaster - never got the option to trigger it though to stop a spell being cast against my party


1) Ingredients "bag" - inventory gets really messy with all the ingredients you find and carry around - would be good to keep them in a single container 

2) accessible ingredients - again, when looking at crafting would be good to see what can be made based on ALL ingredients in all stored resources (stash, each others inventory etc)

3) Scroll container - as per 1 for scrolls

4) its hard to tell cleric scrolls from arcane scrolls from cleric scrolls.  again would be good to show this on a pop up hover - or at least show arcane as "red" when viewed by a non arcane caster for example

5) Scribe spells - would be good when hovering over if it shows whether the spell is already in your spellbook or not to save time in clicking to scribe, then scrolling to find book then clicking it to be told already there

6) in above when you have the spell already in the book the screen stays greyed out and you have to close the inventory screen to go back in and do other things

7) Crafting items - should really show the "result" (item stats) before having to actually make the item to find out - don't want to use the rare ingredients only to find its not actually that good and have to reload / 

8) when right clicking on an item in one characters inventory would be nice to have a popup that allows you to choose to send it to "x" character

Living the dream

Level 14
2 years ago


1: Yes, several scrolls have inconsistent titles vs. interior text. There are three different scrolls of Hold Person out there...

3/6. Use the (not the official name) level chooser: In the very middle of the compass on the bottom right, click the icon that looks like a stack of papers; you get options to target different levels, including things like Misty Step to empty air and falling if you want. If you click on containers while flying there is pretty good auto-fly to the location.

7: I believe it has to target the person with the counterspell. Although I have seen it target AoE spells with the mage in the AoE, but that still counts as 'targetting the mage'.


1/3: Heck, yes, please.

2: As long as you have everyone in the group selected and in close range, you can use ingredients and tool kits* in someone else's inventory. You can even save on tool kits by only having one in the entire party. (*Except for thieves' tools.)

2 years ago

I defintely lost the party stash in the city. It shows my contents fom the map but I can not interact with it in the scenario.

Level 3
2 years ago

bag in the water is not a bug, you have to drain the water by knocking out some bricks in the wall of the building, water flows into the building and you can walk over to the bag