[SPOILERS] Possibly the known issue with exploration vs. conversation UI, but maybe different?

Level 9
7 months ago

Screenshot of this can be seen at: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020616371/screenshots/?appid=1096530

I got to the top of the tower, went into the chapel? room, then across and took a long rest.

Went to the other side and got to the library.  Noticed the single book and interacted with it to open the Laboratory.  

BUG#1 - my character ran out into the hallway to interact with the book instead of pushing the ghost out of the way and accessing it from the bookshelf.

I then went the salon, then into the lab.  (I did not open the door at the end of the hall.)

Entering the lab triggered a fight with four ghostly guardians.  Upon killing the last one, there was a brief cutscene of the Master standing up with some bald dude visible for a second.  Then my characters were standing in front of the master.  It talked about being incapacitated and not recognizing some evil.  And then I got stuck in the screenshot above.  No dialog options, but I couldn't move or do anything else.  (Well, I could open inventory, but that didn't really help with anything.)

So I think it was stuck somewhere between conversation and exploration.  I'm guessing the bald guy I saw briefly in the cutscene was Razan, although I don't know for sure.

7 months ago

i had the same problem i tried it 3 times happened the same every time

7 months ago

Don't fight the Spectral Servants, that fight bugs the game. Proceed to the door leading to causeway to the Dragon room, you'll need to find the hidden switch to open the door to the causeway though. Once you enter the Dragon room from the causeway, everything should proceed normally.

Level 5
7 months ago

Thanks Ignatius!  I was able to do the dragon's room.  I might run back and forth on the road to do some fights with crafted Great Sword.  Dawnbringer or something like that.  +1 to hit & 2d6 + 1d8 radiant damage.  It rocks for what I've seen thus far in the game.