(Spoilers) [Lost Valley Campaign] : Sitenero Bugs

Level 4
6 months ago (edited)

Inside the secret research complex, I came across Sitenero. I currently have high relations with everyone except for the Dominion. 

However, when I meet Sitenero, the encounter always ends in a fight, with a character saying "In the name of Anfarel, I sentence you to die". However, this contradicts with the quest I have from the People to escort him out of the complex. 

I'm not given a choice in dialogue to execute him or spare him, it will always go to execution. To note, I don't have the quest from the undead Anfarel to go into the complex. (I didn't take it since it tanks my rep with the Forge, despite both of the factions being allied now). 

I think there's supposed to be a dialogue option to decide what your party does with Sitenero once you meet him?

Edit To Add: If I tank my relationship with the Rebellion (by accepting the Forge quest), you get the option between killing him and letting him come with you, rather than being forced to kill him. To note, in neither play have I accepted the final rebellion quest. 

Level 6
6 months ago

I encountered Sitenero earlier, but I decided to load from before talking to him and to leave him in the cage and come back once I decided what I was going to do.  I'm not going to work with the Rebellion.  I've done a few quests for them giving a positive and a few that gave me negative.  I'm sitting at Indifference (+3) with them.  I finally came back to release him and escort him back for the People's quest, but now one of my characters says the line about in the name of Anfarel I sentence you to die and it begins combat.  I guess I'll have to try what you did and tank my reputation with the Rebellion.

Level 6
6 months ago

I did what you did and took the Forge quest where it tanks the Rebellion reputation and was able to talk to him without it going into combat, however this presents another problem.  When I get back to the city and talk to Rose the quest just updates to infiltrate the palace, and it says she told us how to infiltrate Orinetis' palace.  I assume there is supposed to be some cut scene or conversation here, but it just updates the quest when I click her and she didn't tell me anything.

4 months ago (edited)

Party of half-orcs here, violent and greedy. We've been toeing the line between factions, except the Dominion. The story that Sitenero gave us was beyond our wisdom scores. All we could consider was that our rebellion and mask friends would be upset if we showed mercy and tried to think for ourselves. Surprisingly I didn't notice any faction change from the dirty deed.

  1. You should go free. (Fails Rebellion and Mask quests)
  2. Come with us (Fails Rebellion and Mask quests)
  3. Let's kill him!