(Spoiler) Sorak Relic - Side Quest

Level 8
1 year ago

I picked up a side quest to go back to the first Sorak camp and look for any weapons, relics, or equipment left behind.  I saw that the scavengers have now moved into the fort and I had a nice little fight with some spiders that moved into the caves but I can not find anything that completes the quest.  I have searched all over the caves and opened every container that I can find. Can anyone give me an idea what I'm missing?

Level 2
1 year ago (edited)

As i remember there's clickable object near fire (where soraks were before) - use power of alt button ;)

Quinlan Vos
1 year ago

I'm having the same problem finding the relic and there are no interactable objects near the fire in the Sorak Camp. I've hit alt to highlight and nothing shows. I've watched people do the quest on youtube and I see there should be an item in the little corner near the firepit but nothing on my end. I've also tried leaving and returning to the site throughout the game and still no go. Guessing it's a bug?

Level 2
1 year ago

This Sorak artefact is supposed to be a pile of trash right by the camp fire. Try looking for it in "cautious" mode. Some stuff are considered hidden (like secret passages, traps, enemy tracks, etc) and just using the highlight key won't reveal them.

Some characters have a Perception score high enough they don't need the cautious mode, but for those side-quest objects you almost always need it.

1 year ago

I know this thread is a month old so I apologize for the small necro, but to see the cache you need to change your camera angle by the fire. The default camera angle does not show the item.

So have everyone go to the bottom by the fire, then turn the camera around and voila!

1 week ago

Typed this response once already but it didn't take so in the event you see a repeat post, you'll know why.

I know this thread is old but I still see people having trouble with this so I thought I'd chime in.

1 - Go to the camp in the secret caves

2 - light all the torches (Sparkle works good here but firebolt or a torch works just fine)

3 - Line up near the clay pots and go into CAUTION! MODE (IMPORTANT)

4 - Be ready for a fight as soon as you click on the item there will be two assassins waiting for you in the wings.

Hope this helps! I see 100 posts about this but nobody ever mentions caution mode, which is what I've needed every single time I've ever done this quest. (Spoiler: that's a lot, Lol)

Good luck!