Spirit guardian rolled 9d8 damage dice (when it was cast at level 3 - should be 3d8)

Level 4
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6 months ago

I was testing out an encounter in the dungeon maker with a level 5 party.

My cleric had spirit guardians up and managed to roll a 33 damage spirit guardian roll.  

For some reason it rolled 9d8 damage dice instead of the 3d8 it should have.

Here's a screenshot of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/WBgZZh6

It may be because right before that my Shock Arcanist cast fireball and got 33 damage on that roll (maybe it's re-used the same roll accidentally?).

All other times spirit guardians seemed to do the correct 3d8 damage.

Level 11
6 months ago

This issue is listed as fixed in patch notes of the Spring Update. Which game version do you run?