Spell Component, Crafting Component, and General Treasure?

Level 7
1 week ago (edited)

I've played through a half dozen times now and I recently sold a spell component and thought, "Wait, I've played this game a lot, how could I make that mistake?"  I think the game could benefit from a way to easily identify the difference between: 

Spell Components

Crafting Components

General Treasure

If there isn't already a convenient way to identify each category (outside of hovering over each item), I would suggest a color coding system (e.g. red for spell, blue for crafting, green for treasure).  

I could also make an argument for plot and faction items, but let's start with the more prevalent items first!  


1 week ago

+1 to this!  It is far too easy to sell things that I don't really want to sell.  

I also think it would be good to have something similar to a Baldur's Gate 3 identifier letting you know which items you haven't actually looked at yet.  I sort a lot of times before looking at something I just picked up, and then I can't find it very well later.  Although this is a silly me problem and I should check items before sorting, it would be a nice to have function.

Level 7
1 week ago

To be honest, I kinda wanted my other characters to be able to wear the "treasure" crowns found.