Spell caster voice lines

1 month ago (edited)

I was wondering, if there was a system behind the incantations SPellcaster use when doing magic.
Like, when a druid castsgoodberries, he says "Natura Conjo Curei". I have no idea if it is spelled like that. I tested other classes and found out, that the first word is the source of magic. A cleric would use the name of theor god/goddess. "Mareike Evo Malmis" would be a cleric casting guiding bolt. A Wizard casts with Arcana. So, the first word is the source of magic.
The second word is the school of magic. "Evo" is obviously evocation, "Conjo" conjuration,"Olli" Illusion,"Necro" Necromancy, and so forth.
Now, the third word is more ambigous. Malmis probably means damage, so an offensive spell. Curei or Curai is healing, but the others are difficult.

What is your interpretation on the system behind the third word?
The words I found were Malmis, Curei(or Curai), Clippei, Viribae, Seeo, Minurei ad Oculus.

I would be thankful for every hint. Thanks in advance!

1 month ago

Any update?