Sorr-Akkath assassin's can't roll below an 18 on DEX (acrobatics) contested shove checks

3 days ago (edited)

 I attempted 13 pushes on a sorr-akkath assassin and none of them were below 18. Bottom left has the two 19 rolls (top right is a duplicate of the bottom roll on the left). Right side three down has the 20 roll.

Version 1.3.57

  • Where, how, who, when?
    • In what map / where exactly in the map did the bug happen? I tested it extensively at Earcorn I've noticed the 18+6 in other locations but I rarely tried to push so I can't say for sure that it happens in other locations.
    • How did it happen? Tried shoving a sorr-akkath assassin.
    • Who did it happen to? A paladin, a druid, a wizard and arwin. Didn't test with my ranger since I could only fit 4 pushers.
    • When was the save that you loaded made? Fresh run. 6/18/2022 was the original save before the encounter I noticed it and today (6/21/2022) was when I went back and spammed pushed against an assassin to see if it could only roll 18s or if I had some extremely bad RNG.

Is this intentional or is it a bug? Seems weird for them to get automatic 18s for their acrobatics checks.