Sorak Relic quest broken?

John Turner
Level 2
2 years ago

I would really like some advice on this one please. I have looked all over the Sorak camp in the caves and actually found a relic I had missed. However even after looking up the solution (all of which suggest using Sparkle to light wall torches, which I DON'T have, but then the torches were already lit from earlier on..) I even cast Daylight right next to the Clay pots by the fire but there is nothing showing up.

I miss the days before Nostalgia.

2 years ago

Remember to use the ALT key, this will highlight Items, Chests, Wall torches.  Use fire bolt cantrip to light wall torches if you need light.

If you pushed the block off the level above, the relic is to the right of it.  As soon as you pick it up you will be attacked by two Sorak Assassins.  Have fun and remember to rest after the fight.