Some Requests To have a Better Camera Control and Perapth a suggestion to help you to do it.

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1 week ago


   Despite i really LOVE the game realy it s a very good game and i took a big pleasure to play a it. The control of the Camera is not very Good.

   It' will be very cool to not have Lock on PNJ for scroll fromm border of screen and so to be need to press a key. moreover it will be very cool to have the near First Person to able us a free look (like look up down etc). And also have a Better DeZoom and if possible not isometric but top of terrain that will help also.

   In Fact a total control of camera will be the better.

   I've see that you use Unity engine and Wasteland 2 DC have the same problem but a man do a MOD that Completly redone Camera Control and it's wonderfull completly change the pleasure of gaming. And as Wastland is Unity and your also you could take a look at it (A mod is free for look and inspire).

Free Camera Mod

This mod tweaks the game camera as follows:

  • When zooming out, the camera now angles a little bit so you can see further forward
  • When zooming in, you can now zoom past the previous limit and get an over the shoulder view of the WasteLand.

Free Combat Camera Mod

Originally developed by Staehrminator over on the InXile Forums.

This little hack stops the camera from automatically jerking around during combat. It will now stay put unless you move it manually, and you can now also move it when it's not your turn. If you want to zoom in on an enemy before you eviscerate them, or have a constant view of the battlefield like the tactical god you are, well, now you can !

    So you Could take example on it if you want :) I hope realy and sorry to have post this thread it s not to complain only cause i love the game but the interfacce is perfectble and we are on beta so i take my luck to try to have a perfect game (and we are near of that :D ).

Thank for reading

Hope i could have give idea and a track by this wastland Mod that could help.

Have a good day

Best Regards, ExA

1 week ago


The game is lovely, and I want more control to observe it.  For example, I'd like to look up at the statues under the gazebos outside the council building in Caer Cyflen. 

But I'm guessing it would add a bunch of work like needing to create skies, ceilings, fog and such.

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2 days ago

I think we'll keep this awfull camera and hope Modder dor better ....