Some of my suggestions

3 years ago (edited)
1. I love reading world settings very much.Please be sure to join the encyclopedia.I understand that there will still be elves and halflings,but I hope to see your "deflection" of these traditional races.Like D&D settings,the Dark Sun's elves is different from the Greyhawk's elves..

2.I saw you add the concept of light and dark to the game,I hope they can be better integrated into the world lore. Please don't let light = good, dark = evil, we have seen a lot of these settings.If the power of darkness can also be used by adventurers, and the light can also represent the destructive power,that would be cool. For example, an adventurer can get some spells that control dark creatures,he will also encounter flame creatures,similar to lava creatures,you need to hurt them with shadows.
3.I didn't see the town.I hope there will be town and town missions in the game,and the cool NPC.
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3 years ago

Hey there btsam^^

  1. Lore / World Building: This is something we will be revealing over time, yep!
  2. Light / Dark: Contrary to many games, we are not talking about it in a religious / thematic manner. It's really about using Light / Darkness as gameplay tools - how you're less likely to see enemies in the dark, how you're painting a target on your back carrying a torch into a dark area, how some creatures fear bright lights...
  3. There is a town planned. More about that later though :)