Some non-legendary items are locked to the DLC and maybe should not be

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1 week ago (edited)

While adding all the new items to my "Headquarters" DM, I noticed ...

a) most legendary items (+3 armors that have no other bonuses) are not locked to the DLC, but the Shield +3 is DLC-locked. 

b) some non-legendary items are linked to the DLC, but probably should not : maybe just an oversight. 

I suggest the following items could logically be non-DLC locked like the rest.

Namely : 

  • Early Bird (+2 Ini, Uncommon, 400 Gold)  EDIT: this one is actually a BUG and could cause issues to past DMs and saves. I have that item on a Crown of the Magister character.
  • Boots of the Steady Fighter (resist shove/Slow, Wondrous, 2K Gold) 
  • Dwarven Bread (+1 Con when in Utility slot, Wondrous, 1800 Gold).  This one also is a BUG.  This item was in-game a year ago.
  • Shield +3 since all other +3 gear (without bonuses/without Attunement) are not locked to the DLC. 

ADDENDUM : if a member of TA sees this, also note... 

  • Greatswords +2 and +3 are missing from the Dungeon Maker ; the recipes also are missing.  Likewise for Handaxes and Javelins (+2), though that might be as designed.  
  • Gauntlets +3 are missing 
  • Scimitars +3 are missing and their recipes (also, one of the +2 scimitars has a bug: noted in the bugs forum)
  • Recipe for Longbow of Perfection has two copies. 
  • Recipe for Lightbringer longsword is missing. 
  • Recipe for Longswords +3 is missing.

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