some general advice

Mark Thorpe
Level 1
1 month ago (edited)

First.. whoever is writing your story should read this review of a recent similar product  the short version is people want their characters to be likable.  

I am not very far into the demo and one character just mentioned the word "racism".   The empire's history is 1000 years of slavery and racism.. or something like that.     You do not need to ever use that word.   Feel free to have moral lessons.. just don't be so explicit about it.  You can say (or better yet, SHOW, that dwarves or elves or whoever were (or still are) treated poorly.. as second class citizens and so on.. without throwing around that word.  Using the word itself is cheaping out.

Games, and especially RPGs, have been teaching lessons about racism for a very long time.   But be smart about it.

Mark Thorpe
Level 1
1 month ago

"finished" the demo.. quit when I got a char killed vs deep spider (flashing lights).

But I very much liked what I saw.  Fairly easy to understand.   Not a pen and paper guy but it is obvious there are a lot of details that factor in.   

Was there a weight/agility check on the leaps from platform to platform?  When DDO (DnD online) first came out.. and I saw a small character with high agility leap and grab a ladder that other characters could not reach...  that was a "wow" moment for me.  "physics" mattered.  how far you could throw an object or shoot an arrow, etc.

I think you guys are going to get there and if you have great stories.. this will be a real winner.

Good luck!