Some bugs I found during my last play

Level 4
7 months ago

- Gauntlets of ogre power is setting the strenght of some characters to 20 instead of 19

- The Create food spell is not working automatically during travels

- The shine cantrip (when used from magic items) is freezing the game completely

- Although the spiritual weapon spell is not requiring concentration, it is breaking the concentration for other spells (such as daylight for exemple)

- The dwarven Thrower requires attunement, but works normally if you don't attune it. (and you cannot throw it.... =[ )

- The Church o Einar faction vendor is not receiving any items

- By the official D&D rules you need to use your reaction to try to identify a spell being cast, on solasta this occurs automatically, don't know if this is a bug or intended. ( I particularry prefer the solasta way) 

- When fighting Vampires any bright light is inflicting disadvantage for their attacks, this should not be only daylight that has this effect. Apart from that the light is imposing disadvantage to the saving throws, daylight should impose disadvantege only to ability checks, not to saves.

- The spell fly makes impossible to cross some paths, that you can normally cross without flying. The character appears unable to climb small heights while flying, it get stuck on place and you see the message that is no path available.

- Some spell scrolls are casting different spells from that there is on their titles.

- The grease spell is not on wizard spelllist, it should be.