Some 2023 Questions

Level 8
3 weeks ago

1) Why are less-skilled PC's still making skill checks for the group?

2) Any plans to randomize monsters and loot a little more for replay-ability?

3) Please say EXACTLY what the ranger terrain bonus does. 

4) The marsh halfling ability still isn't about marsh halflings. It's a claim about swamps. Swamps are wet...OK? So? And?

5) Please go through the random encounter maps and map shady squares dim. My drow should be able to attack from under a big shady tree without penalty. It does'nt matter if drow aren't your content. Shade under those trees please. 

6) Did the unused skills get used in anything besides the main campaign? If so, say which. If not, just delete them.

Level 14
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3 weeks ago

For a future game, about the Ranger class, ideally make the terrain feature (Natural Explorer) also give a general bonus.  In Tasha's Cauldron you can replace that feature completely. 

For example, in a TA game, a Ranger with Artic terrain could have Resist Cold.  Though it is much simpler to just replace the entire feature like they did in Tasha's.

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