Some 0.4.21 EA bugs

Level 2
2 months ago


Here are some bugs from  0.4.21 EA.

In-game fight log shows that my char got hit scimitar while monster actually carries greatsword (skeletons shortsword, Adam Twelwth also says shortsword, carries two handed one). Seen in traveling fights and in dungeons.

In-game fight log say "is dead, is no longer dead, is dead" all the time.

It happened that in Dark tower cellars 2 of my chars just fell and got killed when auto pathing from one corner of basement to another corner.

Sometimes there is a very long pause before displaying bottom GUI for next char in fights.

Sometimes wrong char is shown when in fight. It shows same one as last for example, forgets to update the char info on the left.

Puting poison potion on my ranger's shortbow put poison on my next char wizard (which was near in combat) - remote cantrip Chill hand spell had poison added to damage (didn't test with other cantrips).

While shooting crossbow bolts it seems I get to recover only arrows from bodies after battle is finished (and not bolts). Javelins seem to work properly.

Ghasts (undead) tounge attack (attacked while travelling) had no sound and was very slow.

In Dark tower (first level of cellar) I couldn't light some candles with cantrip, the rest of map is ok.

I experienced once that Guidance spell (cleric) would end in 1s repeatedly (instead 1min). Save/reload solved the issue.