Solasta Sourcebooks fresh off the press!

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1 month ago (edited)

Hey there folks,

Winter is fast approaching, so we hope you're all taking good care of yourself and staying warm. Although we aren't as active keeping you active with the latest Dev Update every two weeks, we've nonetheless been hard at work on things we'll hopefully soon be able to share with you. That said, this is not why we're writing this news today...

We're here to deliver you a heavy dose of fluff! Amongst other things...

Last chance to update your address!

For those of you who are expecting the Solasta Sourcebook or Adventure Box as a Kickstarter Backer. Have you moved? If so, make sure you send us your new address at (with your name) before December 19th at the latest! After that, the shipping will be completely locked - and the rewards will be sent to the address you put on CrowdOx.

Quick peek at the Solasta Sourcebook

The Solasta Sourcebook is finally done! And by done I don't mean just the design - I mean all the copies have been printed and are now ready to be shipped. As a reminder, we're hoping that shipping will be complete around late January / February, but due to the global pandemic situation there's a high risk that delays may occur (for instance we've already been warned that ships being stuck waiting for refueling at port is a fairly common issue). 

But enough doom and gloom, we'll keep you updated with the latest information we receive if ever it comes to that. In the meantime, feast your eyes upon this! (And no sorry, although we'd love to we are still unable to sell those as stand-alone - those Rulebooks are Kickstarter exclusives)

Alright folks, this is the end for today! Make sure you send us a mail with your name & new address if you moved! And as always, check out our Forums and our Discord Server to chat with other players

Article by Tactical Myzzrym