Solasta Orchestral Soundtrack - World of Light (G4F Studio Recording)

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1 week ago (edited)

Hey there folks!

While we're all waiting for the final release of Solasta, here is a little something to listen to. And to watch. Those who followed the project during our Kickstarter campaign may remember one of our stretch goals - an orchestral upgrade to the soundtrack. Some of you might even have noticed that some tracks changed with the Spring Update version. Well, if you were wondering how those new tracks sound and how they were produced, look no further - we have a video for you! 

We're desperately working to finish the game despite the repeated attempts to sabotage our productivity

World of Light Studio Recording

Hope you enjoyed the video! World of Light (Main Theme) is part of the final soundtrack, which will be available at launch digitally or for pre-order in vinyl format for you collectors out there. For those who are looking for more information:

  • The soundtrack will be distributed by G4F Records. Remember Furi? Yep, they handled their OST too! 
  • The soundtrack will contain 23 tracks, all composed by Maxime Herve (who've worked on quite a few other games soundtrack, go check him out!):
    • Side A (Vinyl):
      • World of Light
      • Heroes of Solasta
      • High Adventure
      • Prison Escape
      • Hour of the Wolf
      • The Lightbringers
    • Side B (Vinyl):
      • Shadows
      • Caer Cyflen
      • Ruins of Telema
      • Clashing Swords
      • The Crown
      • The Necromancer
    • Side C (Vinyl):
      • Coparann
      • Master's Tower
      • Ambush in the Dark
      • The Legacy Council
      • The Battle of the Rift
      • The Cradle of Fire
    • Side D (Vinyl):
      • Warcry
      • Master Mind
      • Children of Darkness
      • Aer Elai
      • The Last Stand

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

Level 10
1 week ago

Bravo!  Amazing work!  Maxime Herve created an epic composition with World of Light.  

One of the best in gaming.  

Level 12
6 days ago

Absolutely wondrous!