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Level 14
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3 weeks ago

I have to be frank and say I much much prefer the Fandom wiki, for many reasons.

Examples : 

  • If you look for an ingredient, you can easily find it and see what you can craft with it ;
  • It has the new classes.  The "official" wiki on Fextralife is less up-to-date and less user friendly overall.

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Level 12
3 weeks ago

What Baraz said. I’m a litttle surprised to find the fextralife wiki is the official one, actually. The other one is *much* better.

Level 14
3 weeks ago

Wow, really? The wiki with info that has been outdated since Early Access is the official one? 

I know wiki pages are usually made by fans, but I'd expect an official one to be reasonably up to date on basics like what classes we can play and what abilities do.

On the positive side, I guess it looks a bit nicer and has individual pages for subclasses?

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

Arif Em
Level 2
1 week ago

Unfortunately Fextralife wikis for any game I've played was unsatisfying to put it kindly...

For example both failed to present me with Circle of the land bonus spell lists.