Solasta: Endless Adventures or what to do after the Crown Campaign

Level 10
1 year ago

I see many posters on the different fora saying how much they loved the game and they just want more.

Hundreds of hours of fresh new adventures and entire campaigns from level one to level cap await you! The Solasta Dungeon Maker has brilliant creators from the community producing astonishingly good adventures full of story, traps and puzzles and challenging encounters on a level that will delight and absorb you.

For Steam users, this guide shows you how to download one of the most popular level 1-4 adventures in the Steam Workshop and be playing in just two minutes:

Its a great story-rich adventure and the challenge steps up a bit from the Crown campaign. Read more about it here. (Nexus link included)

If you want to get an idea of the variety of adventures and campaigns, visit the Solasta Dungeons wiki where most of the popular adventures and campaigns are listed. Steam and Nexus download links are provided where possible.

But wait there's still more!

Gameplay mods can change core features in the game, including adding custom classes. Fancy adding a Warlock to your party? That'll take you ten minutes then you are in game and kicking eldrich a$s

10 Minute Steam Guide to Install Warlock as your first gameplay mod | Wiki version of the same guide

Any questions or problems, post them here.

Find your next Solasta D&D adventure:

1 year ago

Thanks for the heads up :)

Level 14
1 year ago

Excellent thread Berenger. 

You have done a great deal with that Wiki, and its been a pretty invaluable resource for people.