Solasta Demo will be available at Gen Con 2019!

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1 year ago (edited)

You said "We want to see more Gameplay!", we answered "We will do that and more, there will be a demo!". You said "When?" and we answered "Soon!". How soon you may ask? Well... What about... One month from now? 

That's right, Tactical Adventures will be at Gen Con 2019 August 1-4 2019, Indiana Convention Center: Hall B, with a Pre-Alpha Demo - which everyone will be able to play at our booth! For those who won't be at Gen Con, worry not - we're still planning on having a Demo available to everyone at a later date!

What will our four heroes find in these ruins?

More Information:

  • The booth will be open from 9:00 am to 7:00pm Thursday to Saturday, and from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Sunday
  • This Demo Event is completely free of charges, no need for tickets (outside the standard Gen Con Access Badge) 
  • You don't need to register either, just drop by whenever you want
  • Keep in mind that this is going to be a Work In Progress, Pre-Alpha Build - so please forgive us if the ride's a bit bumpy at times!

Where to find us:

You will be there? Great! Drop us a word on Discord!