Solasta Crashes computer, requires restart

10 months ago (edited)

Played the game for close to 100 hours but after downloading and playing Lost Valley (with Primal Calling DLC) the game will freeze for a few seconds and then shut down all video on the PC (going into stand-by mode that requires a hard reboot). The crash will usually happen within a few minutes of playing.

Tried the following:

  1. Set graphics to lowest settings (including turning Shadows and AA off)
  2. Full reinstall
  3. Verified integrity of game files (using Steam)
  4. Turned off cloud saves
  5. Deleted all files in App Data fill and restarted campaign

I was really enjoying the update until the critical fail, now I'm at wits end on how to fix it!

10 months ago (edited)

I'm having a similar issue. I usually get a black screen and the computer auto restarts. This started happening after the latest major patch, and the frequency of the crashes is increasing. When it first started happening I could play for a good 2 hours or so, but now the crash happens after 30 minutes. 

Mouse Kop
8 months ago

Just got the game a few days ago, same exact issue. It didn't happen at all the first time now it happens every fifteen minutes, the game just hard crashes my pc and restarts it. Not sure what's going on here, no issues with any other game. I'm running an i7 9700k, 16gb ram, and a 3080ti with plenty of airflow to the case so I doubt it's an over heat issue. 

4 months ago

I'm on Xbox, I played the original campaign all the way through, then downloaded all 3 DLCs and now it crashes every hour or so. Has anyone discovered a solution or is this on the devs?