Solasta 1.0.22 My feedback

Level 5
1 year ago

I'm quite at the end. All characters are on level 10. I have 3 secondary quests and have all gems.
I am an experienced Pen and Paper as well computer RPG player. I was long time Pen and Paper Master (D&D 3.5 and 5, Savage Worlds, Paranoia and many others) and play until now (D&D5)

Quality of Life
There are enough "quality of life" threats that already have great ideas how to make the game more pleasant. I also submitted some.

Also I submitted quite a bunch of bugs. Especially the almost fight-breaking problems with targeting area spells i the air, spider climb, flying and anything that flys and should move in the air amazed me after Solasta was so long in Early Access. Kudos that you tried to implement 3D etc, sadly it does not work well. It's better with 1.0.22 than with 1.0.17m /which I played most of the time). To be honest, the amount of so-easy-to-identify-bugs was quite a let down for me.

I like it. Not great, but also not bad.

The really weak point of this game. Most places feel dead. Almost nobody talks or has something to say. Most NPC have no life in them.
I enjoy conversation, manipulation and "life" in conversations in RPGs. Sadly it's of almost no use here or not even there.

There are almost no puzzles. Puzzles are so important in any RPG game!

Fights. Generally well done, but much too easy (I played on normal, but with Deadly AI). Fights in D&D5 are normally not this easy. Still, how the devs implemented the rules is quite good. Except when it comes to 3D (see above). The AI could do better, though. Mostly my paladin and cleric were attacked, my ranger and wizard were mostly left alone.

End thoughts
The game is strong in rules and simulation and fights. It's almost perfect in delivering the D&D5 rule system. It lacks considerably in life and spirit. The world feels dead and the NPC feel like robots. The whole game feels like a test run of how to do D&D5 rules in a computer game. So my big hope is, that the company takes the strong base and fills their next game with life, puzzles, adventures, conversations, NPCs etc.

My best D&D experience was always Temple of Elemental Evil. A bug ridden catastrophic release, but the first adventure that gave you the freedom to play like you want - so the first adventure I was able to play as an evil orc gang. So hard fights! So rewarding to make it to the next level. Of course Neverwinter Nights were great (for its time) too, but also very mainstream and "good".

The best isometric computer RPG ever is Divine Divinity Original Sin. The freedom of movement and exploring, the reward of going of the beaten path, the really open world, the epic fights against encounters which were much too strong for you but I could barely survive it and was proud of my tactics. The incredible fighting system. The incredible world full of wonders, NPCs, life, puzzles and so on. I'm still wondering why Larian accepted to use the D&D rules for their new adventure. Their system was so good....

So: well done in many ways, dear devs. Still much to do to stay in the hearts of RPG fans and be mentioned in the history of great RPG games. Im looking forward to new games of you, full of wonders and puzzles and conversations and interesting NPCs. You mastered the rules, you delivered great combat (still you need to fix 3D combat and 3D movemtn) and you seriously need NPC designers and quest designers.

Level 5
1 year ago

Just finished it. The last fight was nice. I even had to use one potion and one healing spell (sarcasm off).

The ending sadly added to the lifeless feeling of the adventure. Rund from one meaningless location to the next, unable to decide (almost) anything yourself. The last fight was meant to be epic. but who programmed the dragon? He really blasted all of my group and did more damage then any foe - only because he had to choose the wrong angle to cast a cone. Then the fight suddenly stops, while there were still enemies on the field. And then the super short explanations.

Please, engage storytellers next time. This adventure is almost only a showcase of 5e rules. sadly.