Soft lock after a combat start while opening a container

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2 years ago

Maybe it has been reported already, but i didn't found it, if it's already there sorry.

If i click on a container, and a combat start while the party is on the process of going to it, and opening it (one of the character does the opening animation as the combat start, but the container window doesn't open, instead the combat goes normally), the game will be soft locked after the fight. I can't open the container i wanted to open, other containers, or doors, i also can't save. I can only load the last save i had before the fight.

Got it twice in the last castle, a bag in a small room that triggers a ghost fight, and a bag close to the room of the Master that triggers a necrophage fight (I'm not a careful player, i see loot in the distance, i click on it :p)