Sneak Attack

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10 months ago (edited)

There are two things I´d like to ask about your plans with sneak attack:

1. I´ve noticed that the rogue did not deal sneak damage on his reaction attack. I don´t know if it wasnt able to calculate that theres an ally adjacent because it was not the rogues turn, or if you coded it so that sneak damage can only occur once/round instead of once/turn since he had already dealt sneak damage on his turn. Is this intended?

2. It would be great if I could choose if I wanted to deal sneak damage or not. Currently if you can deal sneak damage, you always will, but sometimes if I just use my rogues attack do finish off a low HP target, I might want to hold my sneak damage to run to the next enemy and hit him with it. Do you intend to include this or would it be polluting the screen to much if the rogue gets asked every time?

Tactical Zaz
Level 8
10 months ago


About point 1, I think it's because your rogue had spend his sneak attack for the turn (you can only deal one sneak attack per turn), because it should work on a opportunity attack.

About point 2, we haven't done that yet but you're right that the risk is to get interrupted every turn. At this point I would say this could be optional, for those who want to optimize.

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10 months ago

1. He spent it for the round, not for the turn though. This is a common misconception with sneak attack. A lot of people only let it deal damage once per round, but as far as I know as written you can deal sneak damage again as soon as its not your turn anymore (so the rogue attacks on his turn, deals sneak damage, then its the monsters turn, the monster runs away, he deals sneak damage again because its another turn in the same round). If thats to complicated to put into the game though I understand, I just wanted to bring it to your attention :)

2. Yes that would be great, especially if there are higher difficulties.

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10 months ago

As Hatox said, you can theorically sneak attack every turn, not just every round (it's really important to note the difference in wording here). This is especially useful for opportunity attacks. This is actually the first entry for the Rogue in the Sage Advice Compendium.

Tactical Myzzrym
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9 months ago

That has been noted in our todo list, thanks! :)