Lance Duncan
Kickstarter Backer
1 year ago

I backed the kickstarter, and just started actually playing the game seriously(not a whole lot of time for video games these days), and am not disappointed; I have nothing but praise for the game. Yet when making my cleric I didn't see an option to start with a sling, and so thought, no biggy I'll just buy one later when I properly equip all my pcs... but now I don't see slings for sale at any of the merchants either. Are slings really not included in the game? I really don't care that clerics can use crossbows or whatever, I mean mine is a battle cleric anyway, I just thought one of the most basic weapon options would be in the game.

also it kinda bugs me that I cant use a rapier and dagger, but thats more because they followed the 5e rules, and not anything wrong with the game itself.

Level 10
1 year ago

I assume (without knowledge) that slings are 'expensive and time-consuming' for the devs because it would require new combat animation, for every class and race combo that could use them. Animations and models are expensive to produce compared to systems. My guess is that is the only reason. There is a throwing animation that works great for spears and darts and daggers, but if I had a sling equipped I'd be a bit disappointed if it was the stats of a thrown attack, but lacked a spin up then release for the sling. Throwing doesn't allow handaxes for example.

I know they generally prioritise the things that have wider impacts to the game, and animations and models are lower priority, for now in development. That's my understanding from the devs streams where Myzzrym talks a lot about the dev process and the challenges and decisions they face every day.

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