Skill & Dialogs.

6 months ago (edited)

I was wondering if there will be a system of skills that can be used both in dialogues and in other situations. Did I see that there will be the possibility of climbing, jumping ... maybe even swimming?

Thanks again for the info!

6 months ago (edited)

Skill System => But of course, that's a major part of Tabletop games.

Climbing & Jumping: Yes.

6 months ago

There are skills that apply only in dialogs like Intimidation, Deception, Persuasion. Most of other skills in the 5th edition are more physical, with a few interesting exceptions like Insight.

4 months ago

 In 5e there are also Knowledge Skills Religion, Arcana, History, Nature. And Survival is another weird one, its half way between a knowledge skill and a physical skill.

 What about tool profiencies? Like Alchemical kits, Thieves Tools, Leather Working tools?

4 months ago

Nice nickname omegaphallic :)

Most of these skills need to be adapted into something systemic, since they leave a lot of freedom to the DM in a tabletop game.

When it comes to "knowlegde" skills like Arcana, History, etc. we have an easy solution. You're right about Survival, it's not as simple, but basically, we intend to use it for modifying chances of being attacked when camping and probably use it for finding food while travelling. It might also be used to find and follow tracks, but that's still in the works.

Tool proficiencies are even tougher. Letting players use such proficiencies means you need to let them craft anything. We'd like to make use of most of these but most of the artisan's tools might be left aside.

4 months ago

Ooooh, I love me some crafting! I'd definitely pay more to have that capability!