Similarity to lava bug and suggestion for inventory

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1 year ago

I can't recall which update fixed this, but I remember reading that there was a bug wherein people were having their characters shoved into lava pits, triggering an immediate fail situation.  However, I just encountered a similar situation in the area after the rotating bridge, right after you first fight the group of Soraaks.  The first playthrough I did it in 'Authentic Mode and got through it just fine.  This time I set it to 'Scavenger Mode', so maybe that's the difference, but this time I kept getting my characters shoved down into a section where I couldn't reach them to revive.  I had one of my party die that way first, then after I reloaded I had one of the group from the fort that died that way, causing an instant fail.  I assume this could be fixed the same way.

I do have an additional suggestion regarding the inventory.  When you fill your inventory, there's no way to just add an additional item without jumping through some hoops, because the game doesn't automatically create a new line for storage.  Could you change it so there's always a blank line under the one with your items in it?  Or at least when the last line is filled up, then a new line is automatically created?  I often find myself having to loot everything just so I can sort out the stuff I want, because my inventory has no free spaces open to drag items into.

Actually, I have one additional suggestion regarding the camera.  Can you please correct the camera for indoors, so I don't have to zoom in to see where I'm going?  This is the only game I've had this issue with.  Every other game manages to transition between indoors and outdoors without issue.  I often find myself needing to zoom way in to see where I'm moving to.

I did a cursory search and didn't see any of this posted already, but if it was then I apologize for the repeat.