Silent whisper outpost NavMesh walking through walls

3 months ago (edited)

So I just started the silent whisper outpost side quest and as soon as I got there (So you know what happened to re-create it) as anyone would do, I looked at my surroundings in the first room and pressed Alt to see if I could loot anything. Sure enough there was something. I made sure my party was stealthy and clicked it so they would collect the loot. Two of them made it, the other two stayed behind. Probably not enough room or they can't climb as well as the other two I assumed and thought nothing of it. After the loot was collected I looked around and noticed a character on the other side of the wall with a stealth symbol. WOW, I thought, What is that? Maybe a stealthy bugbear or something that I'm not supposed to see yet on the other side of this wall. Why dose he have the same stealth symbol as my guys? (the hooded face) Wait, that's Jack Diamond my rogue! I quickly paused it and started to record and test the situation. You can see in my video where the NavMesh must be opened in two spots for them to walk through the wall and what triggers it you might also ask? There is a block that if you have to walk too, the toons will make their path to it via these spots. I was just starting to test it with a different character (Zan my wizzard ;)  when a battle started! However, there should be enough in the video to find the openings for your team. 

Honestly I would love to do a YouTube let's play series with your game on my other channel where I actually post stuff for people to see but from the beginning I haven't been able to get a whole 30 min without finding a bug in any quest other than the first outpost you visit. I mean I was in this quest for less than 30 seconds before I found my guy on the other side of the map some how. Even the intro used to have that block next to the chest in the first tutorial that glowed when you pressed Alt for no reason. I'm glad you fixed it. I really am but that's what your customers see the first time they start your game ready for an awesome adventure. I stopped playing 2 days after I bought Solasta for 6 months and it's been that same experience every step of the way six month later. I was going to upload Solasta before I started Baldur's Gate 3 but I just can't get the footage with the game at this stage. Every episode would end up highlighting another flaw in the game and that would be bad for my channel as well as the game. Nobody wants to see the person playing the game stumble around this stuff. I still want to do a lets play but I can't get 30 min without having to stop my game and break emersion right now. Please fix this game, it's amazing, it really is and has so much potential. I don't know if the team is being micro managed or something horrible like that but you should fix your main game before dropping it to put out new content. That's just a money grab at the cost of the fans. Chris Perkins wouldn't do a campaign like that. You are repping (representing) Dungeons & Dragons. 

BTW I love the PDF you made for the people that contribute to this forum. That's the kind of DND love I know you have and I really want to see it because none of us started out knowing all the rules. We had friends that helped us learn the game and a lot of people that play this will have never played DND before. This will be their intro to Dungeons & Dragons. Like Acquisitions Inc. or Dice Camera Action you are teaching them how to play Dungeons & Dragons as they go along. Meh, I doubt any one is even going to read this.

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1 week ago

Has this been addressed? 

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