Side quest 'Lair of Filth' failed to complete after clearing out the lair

2 years ago

Game Version: Beta 0.5.42 - Public
Map: Caer Lem, inside the goblin lair
1. Proceed to the goblin lair right after having fought the first group of goblins outside and before climbing the outside stairs
2. Trigger the fight inside the lair by having only the rogue kill the first goblin using Sneak Attack
3. Have the same rogue loot the barrel on top of the first tower on the right side of the cave
4. Kill the rest of the goblin and end the fight
The side quest 'Lair of Filth' did not update after having cleared the lair and fill out the listed requirement.
- This happened on my first run after having bought the game.
- The issue occurred after having loaded a save from before having met the magic vendor.

I know some people have reported this about 5 months, but didn't see much details and didn't know if save files and such were sent before. So I sent an email with the save file it happened in. Hopefully this bit of extra info can help

Tamás Bilik
2 years ago (edited)

I have the same issue after killing all goblins (with a stealth rouge) and looting all barrels.

I've entered the Lair of Filth before entering to the fort, right after killing the first set of goblins on the stairs on my way up to the fort.