Show character details in combat for non active characters

Level 1
2 months ago

When in combat, especially in multiplayer, it would be nice to see character stats & options for characters who aren't currently active in initiative. 

A few sample scenarios: 

  1. I want to prepare for my turn while my wife is acting her turn. 
  2. I want to know what a characters AC is, so that I know if it makes sense to cast a shield spell on them. 
  3. I want to check if I have a potion in my inventory, so that I can tell the cleric if I need healing

I think it would be fine to limit this to characters you're controlling. 

2 months ago

Agreed.  You should be able to view all inventories.

Level 6
2 months ago

+10, my friends all made the same suggestion several times, it's really annoying simply because you cannot anticipate even simple things like checking your current weapon set (when rounds are taking so long a time you forgot your last turn xd) or viewing if they have spare arrows/scrolls/potions/whatever.

That said, I fear this would be opening a can of words on the technical side depending on how it's currently implemented. Hope it's doable without too much hassle.