Shouldn't I have lived through this?

1 year ago

I'm in the dark castle and in one of the fights with the dark apprentices. My cleric is dead, my crownbearer is down but alive. I have one sorcerer at full health and there's only one dark apprentice left, with 12 HP. He attacks my Monk and kills him. The game over screen pops up.

However, as soon as I kill this last guy I can stand my crownbearer up, revivify the cleric, who can then use a scroll to revivify the monk.

Am I missing something here? Shouldn't it allow me to use all my tricks and finish combat instead of assuming?

Level 10
1 year ago

I believe the game only checks for Revivify Scrolls, and then only when the downed character fails three death saves. If you stabilize the downed character (the little green heart action) then the game won't check. I always need to keep on top of that particularly in the first levels when you might only have one scroll in the whole party.

There is also the option to have homebrew/house rule checkbox to assume if you won the battle, you'll be able to res the others, and can just short rest after fighting if one survives. To me it is a fair way of supporting all kinds of tricks you could do at the table with a real DM with some imagination.

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1 year ago

I would rather it didn't do any checking at all and just allowed me to continue until my characters were ACTUALLY dead.