Shine does not take effect after ST failure

1 year ago

I had this issue prior to the new patch as well, but did not record it. 

Version: 1.3.44 - Public

Where: Lost Mines dungeon, final encounter room with boss.

How: Cast Shine on the Ogre Zombie, it failed, but did not take effect. Failing the save should light it up but it still shows as unlit and the spell attacks were still at disadvantage. I sent a screenshot via email with the save file.

Who: Level 4 human shock arcanist wizard

Save: Existing save I was using for this run

1 year ago

I'm having this issue as well

Version 1.3.91 public

Where: Arid Hill encounter, also previously in volcano necropolis

How: Cast Shine on Goblin SHaman, it failed save but was left in darkness.  In Volcano, did not work on a Sorak acolyte

Who: Level 9 wizard

Save: don't see how to attach!