Shield Reaction Spell Not Prompting on Oath of Tirmar Paladin (V1.0.18 - Steam)

Tommy Chan
2 years ago (edited)

The Shield Spell reaction does not prompt for a Paladin of Tirmar (level 8) even when conditions are met - started noticing this after today's hotfix (V1.0.18). I single out the Paladin due to the prompt working as intended with a Shock Arcanist wizard. Attacks of opportunity continues to prompt for the Paladin.

I've checked all the conditions I can think of:

- Spellcasting not disabled (i.e. hand is free, using great sword, holy symbol equipped)

- Enemy hit does not exceed 5 of the character's AC

- Spell Slots is available, Reaction unused for the round

- Not surprised or have any other negative effects

- Seen this issue replicate in multiple different encounters and conditions

- Spell is technically always prepared due to it being an Oath spell 

Not sure if this is an issue due to the hot fix, or an interaction with new abilities/items I've acquired as I hit level 8. Recently attuned to the Crown, Cloak of Arachnid, Sigil Ring of Abjuration, and boots of striding and springing. Also acquired the Armor Master feat at level 8 recently.