Sheathe weapon(s) and cast spell

Level 11
1 month ago

In the Basic Rules for D&D 5e they specify that you can sheathe or draw your weapon as part of your movement or action, which would be useful for our characters to be able to do with the new implementation of the rules for somatic components. It feels very weird for Spellblades, Shadowcasters, Paladins and Rangers to have to dedicate both of their weapon slots just to use basic features.

Seeing as the game has no "sheathed" state for your weapons and we'd have to draw them immediately, it could be implemented with a cost of a little bit of your movement that round. For example, casting a spell with weapons equipped could take 1 square of movement on top of the normal costs.

I know we can turn off somatic components, which is a fix of sorts, but I'd still like to see some way to interact with sheathed weapons.

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Level 4
1 month ago (edited)

Solasta already has this functionality: one free item interaction/weapon swap per turn. In the "Other Activity on Your Turn" section of those rules you linked, it specifies that "you can interact with one object or feature of the environment for free, during either your move or your action....If you want to interact with a second object, you need to use your action." The table you're referring to shows examples of those free actions, but you're still limited to 1 per turn; you don't get an additional one every 5 feet of movement.

I suppose Solasta could implement a specific "Sheath" functionality where characters stow the weaponset they have equipped. This would be nice for other reasons, such as running around a city without brandishing your weapons. But it wouldn't mechanically help aside from effectively giving us a 3rd always-empty weaponset slot we could swap to (at the cost of our 1 free object interaction per turn).