Shadowcaster Lost Sneak Attack at 3rd level

Level 8
1 year ago

My rogue lost her sneak attack ability, both in combat and from the list of abilities on  her character sheet.

Level 1
1 year ago

My rogue has sneak attack listed, but it refuses to calculate in the damage regardless of circumstances

1 year ago

IS there a way to fix this? The Shadowcaster is the rogue class I most want to play, but it is terrible with no sneak attack... It just appears to be an oversight in the making of the subclass, that it takes away sneak attack. So, it shouldn't be hard to fix, IF you know how to create a subclass.

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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1 year ago

@Allyn is this bug still here in the current version? We know there was an issue in an old version where you could level up and one of the feature would disappear if you cancelled the leveling process before restarting it, but that should be fixed.