Several bugs from today's play

Level 3
2 years ago

Invisible floor in Mage Tower library, I think this happened because my party changed levels while I had the inventory open:

Annie wouldn't advance the quest about the first scavenger.

You can't interact with an NPC immediately after leaving conversation with them (for example I wanted to check what was in the store to decide if they were worth giving items to for faction points, then immediately talk to them again to give items, I had to move the party before I could interact with the NPC again).

Two of the same character on the map in the tavern:

Can't attack Talbut or his wolves (game claims I can't see them):

Entering the Bone Keep through the access you get by entering through the graveyard, then leaving the Bone Keep again dumps you on the other side of the courtyard, I would have expected to come back out the same sewer entrance I used to get in.:

Barrel that contains bones for the ghost dwarf (I think it's first bones) requires looting from the wrong side of the wall:

Level 13
2 years ago

Yeah, the bug that sometimes you "can't see" enemies despite them being in clear light and facing your characters, I had that as well. They'll have to optimize that mechanic a bit.