sensitivity to light text in error?

2 years ago

I'm in the fight with Master Mardracht, some Wights, and Unknown Creatures. My human fighter just cast the light cantrip on his morning star. The 2 wights immediately next to my fighter have a sun-like icon in the top right corner of their initiative tiles. Mousing over that icon it says "Light sensitive. Detrimental condition. Disadvantaged by light." When I press left-alt, it displays more text: "This kind of sorr-akkath seems able to ignore its sensitivity to light AND Disadvantage on DEX saving throws, Disadvantage on WIZ saving throws."

Two problems: 

1) I doubt Wights should be described as a "kind of sorr-akkath"

2) If it is able to ignore its sensitivity, why does it get disadvantages?

Should the text be "... seems able to PARTIALLY ignore..." (so only suffers the two listed disadvantages when it would otherwise suffer more)

Or should the text be: "... seems UNable to ignore..."