Seem to always get the same hit dice roll on level up

Level 6
2 years ago

This is somewhat anecdotal, but it seems like my characters always get the same hit points on level up. I verified that the relevant difficulty checkbox is not checked, and, anyway, it doesn't seem to be max hit points every time, just the same hit points every time. For example, my wizard with a +1 con bonus has leveled up 5 times and gained 6 hit points each time, corresponding to a roll of 5 on the dice each time. I've seen similar for each character. My cleric gained a point of con at level 4 and now gets one more hit point per level than he did for levels 1-4. 

Again, may just be sample bias. I haven't put in the effort to test this properly, but it seemed noticeably strange to me.

Level 14
2 years ago

Yes, this is normal for dnd 5th edition. Rolling for hp is an optional rule. Hunt around in the difficulty settings, it might be an option to roll for hp there. 

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

Level 4
2 years ago

You can change it to max HP but I haven't seen an option to roll for HPs.

Level 14
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2 years ago (edited)

As Tom said, many players in 5e use the new standard rule which is an average per level :
8 HD is 5 HP per level for example (except at level 1 where you start at full 8 HP). 

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