Scroll Cases Needed!

David Kalber
Level 4
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2 years ago

I have been playing pretty far in the Early access, looting as I go and I noticed something to my poor backpack's detriment.  Spell Scroll quickly started to fill my inventory and they were spells I had already or could not scribe.  I had couple copies and though "Surely they must stack" but the do not and now I have half backpack's capacity full of them.  I could drop them (in to deep of big dungeon to sell) but it seems like a waste.

Would the Devs be open for cases to store scrolls in like the old Baulder's Gate and Icewind Dale games?  Am I the only one with this issue or do others know my plight of the ever-expanding volume of scrolls?  I think it would help improve inventory management a ton, Potion cases would be nice too but not as needed since they do stack.

Level 2
2 years ago

I agree as well.  Being able to store scrolls in a case would be great.  Even if it's that you can only store 5 scrolls in one case that would help.  If you wanted to go even further (considering the V,S,M aspect of the spells), perhaps they can make scroll cases only be able to hold certain types of scrolls together... ya know, so that scrolls don't inadvertently react with one another.

Level 5
2 years ago

Totally. Cases AND stacking would be very welcome.

Level 6
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1 year ago (edited)

I think the stacking of scrolls would be a huge benefit (at a minimum), with minimal extra coding needed (a simple iterator to note quantity added to the existing scroll mechanics would suffice).  

While scrolls in cases would be quite useful as well, it could end up being a bit more complex when coding.  Especially if separate inventory containers (other than backpacks) aren't planned to be a thing.

- Loswaith