Ruins of Ilthismar: A Thank you to Players.

Level 14
1 year ago

Oh my many thanks to those who have played and loved Ruins of Ilthismar. It is now at about 3000 Subscriptions and 92 Ratings on STEAM and is now the Top Rated Module of all Time. Thank you all for playing and enjoying it.

Ruins of Ilthismar STEAM

Ruins of Ilthismar NEXUS

I hope to continue to make more Dungeons and Campaigns for you all. I have one in the works now that will be coming out with the Next Patch for the DLC. Tenatively called Tower of Time. 

Again thank you for your support and playing and loving Ruins of Ilthismar.

1 year ago (edited)

I think I'm near the end, but I'm trapped in the Oubliette in a series of short hallways with teleports that lead to other hallways. I've fought several mobs but have run out of spell slots. Is there anywhere to rest? Any escape?

Let me add that this campaign came as a wonderful surprise to me. The original was a great joy for me and this rendition brings that back.