Rugan the Giant BUGGED in the Swamps

1 year ago

HE was added to my party but wouldn't leave the camp to go ANYWHERE, even down the stairs. I went all over the map making every path available. He wouldn't leave. I went into the Cave east of the Rogue camp. Rugan just ported in there with me. I cleared it out, there is no way out of there - I loot everything - interact with everything - leave and he's still in the cave. He now won't leave the cave. No matter what I do he stays in the cave. I can't fast travel around, I can't leave via any exit, I can't get him out of my party. 

The game is now broken for me and I can't progress with this giant stuck to me!

Any clue what I can do? I'm not starting over, I'll just uninstall.

1 year ago (edited)

I am having the same issue.  Rugan is unable to navigate steps or any other non flat terrain.  During cutscenes he is ported to the party and gets stuck at that location. After going to the caves he ported there but now is unable to port out with the party and the party is now unable to leave the swamp.

This is a game breaking bug.

I went to a previous save and discovered that Rugan is able to travel to the west exit.  If you take him there he will leave the party and no longer be a nuisance.

1 year ago

Yeah thanks Sean, ended up having to do the same thing. Had to reload to before I went into the cave and have to do the rest of the map over again. 

Level 1
1 year ago

Made the mistake of just playing through the rest of the swamp with him stuck in the cave. Now my autosaves extend beyond when I could reload before I picked him up. Fully stuck in the swamp until this gets fixed.

1 year ago

I'm in the same situation as dnd-randy. Is a game-ending bug for me. I have one very old save file I could go back to, but I'd have to replay something like 20 hours, and I just can't be bothered. I'll wait to for a few weeks to see if an update fixes it.

PS. The devs have done a great job of the look of new areas (the swamp, inside the 2-beetles access temple). Much more evocative than first campaign.

Level 1
1 year ago


1 year ago

Devs. This Rugan bug is everything wrong with escort quests. Players hate them yet devs still insist on including them in games. I'm in the same boat as others, I went into the spider cave and now that he's over there I can't get out and don't want to go back so far into my save files. Disappointing game-breaking bug for me who has sung the praises of this game since the KS.

1 year ago

I just played the Lost Valley this weekend and I ended up in this game breaking bug. Rugan ended up trapped in the middle of the swamp ( near the icon swamp entrance . Hopefully the Devs can fix this.  

1 year ago

Rugan was freed but would not go down the stairs.  Also, he appeared after the cave and again after the Withc meeting the Ghost he now stuck where the ghost appeared.  Unable to leave even via the West exit.  Even worse I have additional NPC escorts in my group for the meeting.  Went to West exit and tried to leave but all they say is let's wait for Rugan who never shows or even tries to show.  This is a serious game breaking bug.  DEVs please fix it.  Please.


Level 14
1 year ago

If you have a Jump spell, it is easy to get him to the western exit, which is close to the Forge camp. Walk him that way until the gap is too wide, hit him with Jump, and he can reach the exit. He then thanks you and leaves.

10 months ago

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